Drone On

Video production has taken to the skies with the help of drones. We all know that it’s only a matter of time before online retail giants like Amazon will be dropping our Prime packages off via a fleet of drones. The question is how can this technology be harnessed to improve your corporate communications? Here’s an example. Currently home owners insurance companies are using drones to fly over areas where they have customers and capturing “before” and “after” time-stamped footage of roofs. This footage is becoming integral in preventing fraud. Sadly, when a disaster such as a hurricane sweeps through a neighborhood there are individuals who will claim that existing damage to a roof was actually caused by a natural disaster. Hence, filing a fraudulent claim to have their insurance pay for the repair. It’s a common problem that costs the industry, as well as us, its customers, millions each year. Drones are quickly becoming a “go to” tool to prevent it. 

Our team has deployed drones to capture truly stunning views of the ever-changing skyline of Charlotte. We’ve also made use of the technology to document last year’s major flooding in the Carolinas.

Let talk about how we can put a drone to work for you to enhance your corporate communications efforts.

In the mean time I’ll be on Amazon trying to figure out how an order I place on a Sunday can shown up on my doorstep 24 hours later. I honestly suspect they’re secretly already using drones… talk to you next week.  

It’s Easy Being Green

Did you know that St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated annually in more countries than any other holiday? Here in Charlotte we honor the day with parades, and we might even be wearing a bit o’ green in our studio today, but our thoughts on this day have turned to saving green, as in the environment.

What does your team do to stay ahead of the constant consumer-packaged good flow of flotsam that our modern society has produced? Even small changes in daily consumption or recycling can make a tremendous difference. According to multiple sources, the US alone consumes 1,500 plastic water bottles every second.  Last year that totaled approximately 50 billion water bottles. Of that staggering number consumed only 23% were recycled. If that statistic is not enough to give you pause and rethink the convenience of a plastic bottle, I’m not sure what would be enough to inspire a change. Our challenge to you today, on this day to celebrate all things green, is to think about how you use disposable plastic bottles of all kinds. Drink your water from a refillable container. Create a new habit, and Mother Nature will consider you a Saint. We’ve dubbed it our “Bottled Up” challenge.

We’re confident that your companies have green teams, counsels, a czar, or perhaps a more formal infrastructure that provides guidelines outlining your corporate commitment to the environment. If you have not shared the good the green team at your company has done via video you’re missing an opportunity to connect with your employees, customers, communities and key stakeholders. Let’s use GoPro as an example. When they launched the first generation of their game-changing camera the packaging was slick, elaborate, and quite frankly too much. Consumers were immediately vocal about the product – quickly becoming advocates, but almost equally vocal about the blatant over-packaging of that much-coveted product. The leadership team at GoPro listened, and quickly made changes to significantly reduce the packaging, and then communicated the “why” behind the change.

Let us help share what your team is doing to make a difference in the environment. Or, like GoPro if you’ve had a misstep, own up to it and leverage video to let your audience know you intend to make it right.

Keep us posted via the “comments” section below on your “Two Week Bottled Up” challenge. We’d love to know if you’ve changed a habit and deserve to have “St.” in front of your name. Talk to you next week.

Can you Articulate your Company’s Top Traits?

Here at Full Scale Productions we pride ourselves on fostering a culture based on three foundational principles. Each day we strive to be:

  1. Vigilantly client-focused – If our clients objectives are not met with every interaction we have with them, we have not met our goals. 
  2. Purveyors of high quality products – Quality and timeliness are not mutually exclusive endeavors and we have a habit of proving this to our clients on a regular basis.
  3. Deadline driven – With a background in broadcast news, we’re accustomed to working on projects with deadlines in increments of hours or days.

These three objectives are the core of our company. Can you, or more importantly, your employee base accurately articulate your company’s “secret sauce?” There’s no more powerful advocate for your brand, service or niche than the workforce that makes it all possible. If you haven’t already harnessed the power of video to spread the word of your culture now is the time. In a social media-fueled world any foundation of understanding you can establish via your employee base will reap benefits for your organization on a daily basis. Allow your employees to become your best advocates. In the end, the equity that builds your brand is truly priceless.

Let’s get to the essence of your company and use video to get the message out. Let us know how we can help. Talk to you next week.

Let’s Throw Back to Move Forward

Just like anything posted… ever… since the inception of the internet, good video projects seem to never die. As you know, any type of information posted online is truly indelible. Even when you think something has been “deleted,” the footprint left behind is easily followed back to the original post. Good corporate video production has a similar, seemingly endless shelf life when savvy communicators truly understand its impact and potential for multiple uses. Can you say, budget amortization.

Our team realized long ago that the footage captured to create our projects never dies. With the help of our insight and guidance, our clients realize that an investment in a corporate video projects is not a one-time, single-use endeavor. It can, in fact, reap on-going returns. We’re often asked to refresh pieces that were shot years ago, and recut the footage as an update for use in an all-employee communication, or trade show piece. Or, we’ll pull a sound bite that was shot in one context and use it for a new piece. B-roll is also an endless mine of rich potential. One shoot to gather exteriors, interiors, manufacturing footage and/or sound bites of executives seems to have endless uses. Once the footage is cataloged and easily searched it becomes a “go to” resource for new projects. Once we’ve shot something we never forget it and make sure you don’t either.

Recently we recut a piece we shot for a client two years ago. They liked the original so much they wanted to post it again. So, we refreshed it by removing all time references, added a few new graphics, and voila – new piece with a minimal investment that extended the return on a budget line item from two years ago. For our team that’s not unusual. Let’s make it the norm for yours too.

Give some thought to what you might already have on file that can be repurposed and reused. In the mean time, we’ll be on the look out for more ways to extend your annual budget. Talk to you next week.

Your Mission Statement Brought to Life

Regardless of whether your organization spans states, continents, or just your town, chances are the foundation of the company is built upon a mission statement. Your employees are now accustomed to being immersed with information in visual form. Like it or not, for a message to truly resonate it simply must now be delivered either with compelling images or better yet, as a brief video.

Leverage your mission statement to serve as the catalyst for a video. Let us capture your leadership team brining the statement to life. Or, parse the statement and have your employees talk about what it means to them. That’s how true engagement happens.

The final piece can be used in a variety of settings beyond the walls of your enterprise. With simple edits it can be used at trade shows, on your website, in social media, and with local community and recruitment outreaches.

Let us know how we can help. In the mean time, here’s our mission statement. It breaks down into three key attributes that translate into action items. We are:

  1. Vigilantly client-focused
  2. Purveyors of high quality deliverables
  3. Committed to timeliness and budget

We’ll get more into how we bring these three attributes to life next month.

The Art of Commerce with a Heart

As we all know, Valentine’s Day just passed. Hopefully, you had a great dinner reservation or an even better plan B. In either case, this week we’d like to discuss translating the spirit of letting people know how you feel about them in a corporate environment.

Just a few weeks ago we talked about shining a light on your employees’ philanthropic efforts. This week, we’re going to inspire you (hopefully) to publicly recognize those who excel at what they’re paid to do for your team. After all, there can be an art and a heart to commerce – when done right.

A great local example is Food Lion headquartered in Salisbury. Our team produced a series of video vignettes telling the stories of store managers recognized for being shining examples of the company’s leadership. Each of those employees was featured with a brief storyline on what they do that goes above and beyond what’s expected. Our team filmed each division winner’s story in his or her home store and the result was a series of positive, inspiring videos used for a variety of purposes internally and externally. It boosted overall moral, and served as a benchmark for the type of leadership expected in the organization.

You know you have employees who deserve that type of recognition. How can we help spread the word? Make 2017 the year you leverage video to recognize your rock star employees and allow them to set the tone for true leadership across your workforce. Let us know how we can help, and in the mean time take time this weekend to tell those closest to you how you really feel. Talk to you next week.

YouTube — it’s not Just for Animal Antics Anymore

According to YouTube, they receive more than 100 hours of new video content every hour. Think about that. In the span of one typical workday, more than 1,000 hours of new, potentially distracting, motivating and/or influential content is uploaded to an undeniably powerful communications force in today’s video-saturated world along with one Billion unique monthly users. Vimeo, by contrast, which most professionals consider the “corporate” alternative to YouTube, currently boasts about 45 million users. It all adds up to the fact that if you’re not fully leveraging video as a communications tactic you’re at risk of losing your audience to others who are doing just that.

So what does all this mean to you specifically, and to your company’s communications objectives? Let’s use aerospace components supplier AGC AeroComposites as an example. When growth in their industry warranted a rebranding effort to better reflect their core competencies they turned to our team. We filmed their president delivering the “five Ws.” The who, what, where, when, and why of the changes to be rolled out across the enterprise. We then created a Vimeo channel for the company so that the video was easily accessible on demand. Watch it here https://vimeo.com/87902742

Whether you have existing video or new projects that need to be created, talk to your production team about also establishing a YouTube or Vimeo channel for your final pieces. It’s one more way to extend your return on investment.

Let us know how we can help, and in the mean time spend a few minutes (or hours) looking around on YouTube and Vimeo, you might just be surprised at what you find. Talk to you next week.

For the Love of… Good Communications

It’s here… again. We’re in the final countdown to Valentine’s Day weekend. If you have not made your plans yet you’d best get on it. Restaurants, florists and even old school card shops will be swamped. In the mean time, let’s use this ancient holiday to illustrate a much proven, and might we even say, “beloved” corporate communications tactic — video.

Do your employees love to work for your company? Do they truly feel connected?

We have clients who regularly schedule shoots with their executive leadership team. Some stream it live and use this update as a virtual “town hall” and gather their workforce to view it live. Other companies post the video on their intranet for on demand viewing. Either way, the result is the same — a feeling of working on the team, not for the team. That might sound like subtle semantics but it makes a significant difference in a corporate culture.

Another way many of our clients use video as an inclusion tool is by telling employee stories. We highlight specific employees with a video vignette. More about that next week.

Let’s get to the essence of your company and use video to show its true heart and soul. Let us know how we can help. In the mean time, tell us your favorite Valentine’s Day tradition. We love to hear your stories.

Get a Jump on Brain Drain

Recent studies that span industries from aerospace to heavy industrial manufacturing reveal one common, and more than slightly disconcerting statistic, a large number of baby boomers that comprise the current engineering and other highly skilled positions in the overall work force, are expected to retire during the next five to seven years. The impact of this mass exodus of talent and experience has the potential to reduce the overall ranks of professionals with deep industry knowledge by approximately 25 percent. In some companies, the percentage of the professional work force that is eligible for retirement today is expected to double over the next five years. In a nutshell it’s called “brain drain” and chances are your company will in some way suffer the side effects of it unless you start now to engage the next generation of talent.

What can you do to proactively reduce this impact? Recruit now and make sure your company knows how to attract the relatively small group of candidates that will be courted by the industry leaders large and small. Here’s one key to a successful plan. Show them your company culture in action and make them want to be part of your team. In a Facebook “Live”, YouTube and Vimeo world if your company does not leverage video to attract candidates you’ll essentially be eclipsed by others who are gathering up the talent right out from under you.

Talk to the human resources and other recruiting professionals in your organization and see what needs they are forecasting in the short and long term and let us help you leverage video to get a jump on it now. A well-produced overall positioning piece that can reside on your company website, be repurposed for trade shows, and be parsed up into web-sized vignettes to post on Facebook and other forms of social media is one investment that can be used multiple ways, and reap multiple benefits.

Let us know how we can help curb the brain drain in your organization, and in the mean time, talk to you next Friday.

Shining a Light on Good Deeds

You might have seen this stat online or in one of our tweets last week, but we thought it was so impressive that we’d devote our Full Scale Fridays blog to the subject.

According to Cisco, video will account for 79% of global web traffic by 2020. That’s a mere three budget seasons away. You might not realize it, but you have stories to share, and it’s time to share them in a way that creates true engagement. Regardless of whether you have 10 employees, 10,000 or 100,000+ your people are out there doing good and giving back to the communities in which they live and work. Share that goodwill and extend its reach.

Corporate social responsibility is part of the cultural fabric of the majority of the companies with whom we work. It’s not just an annual reporting requirement, but a genuine commitment to making their communities just that — true communities — and therefore, better places for everyone. 

Make 2017 the year you thank those among your workforce that are truly making a difference. Leverage video to shine a light on the work they do whether it’s on the job, or on their own time. In a social media environment, the impact of sharing “good news” stories is more powerful than ever before and, according to Cisco, growing substantially every year.

One of our favorite good news stories we’ve produced involved one of Coca Cola’s largest independent distributors, Coca Cola Bottling Company Consolidated. We covered employees’ reaction to historic floods that hit Nashville and debilitated not only one of the company’s facilities, but the community that makes the work they do there possible. Visit http://www.fullscalepro.com/coca-cola-bottling-co-consolidated/ if you’d like to see the final piece. It’ll inspire you to look for ways to help out in your own hometown in good times and bad.

Talk to you next Friday. In the mean time, find a way to do good today. One small act of kindness and selflessness each day has a huge cumulative effect. And, once you’ve made it a habit, feel free to share what you’ve done! We love to hear good news stories.