AGC AeroComposites CEO Webcast


We worked with AGC AeroComposites on a major rebranding effort. We featured the division President & CEO in a webcast shot in our green screen studio. Our team conducted the interview, and worked with him to refine his messaging and delivery.

During the post-production process, we designed and developed a unique motion graphic background, and added original music & sound effects. From concept to design to delivery we had one week to allow AGC to make a perfect first impression for the new brand.

The final step was to encode and uploaded the piece for the AGC AeroComposites web site and Vimeo page our team designed it all to be used on the day of the launch of the new brand. Meetings took place across the globe using the video and in an AeroComposites manufacturing facility in England it garnered a standing ovation. Can’t get better feedback than that.