Hurricane Matthew's Unexpected Impact

With the country’s eyes on monster storm Matthew, the first Category 3-4 hurricane we’ve seen in decades blowing in with over 135 mile-per-hour winds, it seemed appropriate that this week we talk about how an active severe storm season is translating into an up-tick in demand for corporate communications video work.

Our diverse group of clients ranges from large Fortune 500s to nonprofits. One thing they have in common, particularly this time of the year, is the need to stay connected to employees, customers, and key stakeholders when the weather can turn from threatening to damaging in a matter of minutes. 

When companies deploy crisis communications tactics in the wake of weather-related events such as the multi-state impact of Matthew, the recent record-breaking floods in Louisiana, and wildfires in California, the next step in managing these crises is to communicate.

Area residents and employees — who, many times, are one in the same — need to know what has been done, and what the next steps are to return a facility and its family of employees to their pre-storm way of life. The tactic often used is video storytelling. Production companies who work as an extension of a company’s staff, the way our team does, are on hand immediately to write, shoot, produce and distribute updates.

So, even natural disasters can in fact have a positive impact. They’re a test of a company’s true culture, and they’re a trigger for communicating with an entire employee base.

Talk to you next week. In the mean time be safe out there.

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