Like it or Not, LOL is also a Language

The dictionary definition of “language” includes:  The phraseology and vocabulary of a certain profession, domain, or group of people.  Our team is often faced with clients that can construct entire sentences and have complete conversations using industry jargon – usually acronyms – all while avoiding a single noun or verb. They successfully communicate with others that speak the same language, but we counsel them to apply the theory of Occam’s Razor – assume that the most straightforward approach is always the best.

As is true with many things in life – just because you can, does not mean you should. Watch your language. It’s often helpful to consult communications professionals outside your industry to provide an objective evaluation of the effectiveness of your messaging. We’re often called upon by our clients to perform a “gut check” on many communications vehicles – not just the videos or webcasts we’re creating on their behalf. The savvy professionals know when to bring in a fresh perspective.

Very often when we’re editing a piece we allow images to convey what words can limit. Keep that in mind as well as you sort through what you deem an appropriate level of your industry’s “language.” Regardless of the tactic you are using to communicate, use jargon sparingly and only if you are completely certain that your audience is fluent in your industry’s vernacular.

Am I speaking your language? I want your feedback. Do you have any specific issues that you’d like me to address? Let me know. In the mean time, talk to you next Friday.