Video Is The New Document

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Full Scale Fridays. Before I share a bit of knowledge picked up during more than three decades of serving corporate clients like you, I thought you should know what to expect from this blog. 

Let’s start with what you won’t find here – ever – a hard sell of Full Scale Productions. My intention is to share practical, actionable and tactical advise and counsel. If you take that knowledge and use it, I’ve succeeded.

With that, let’s address the top two questions I’m asked by my corporate clients – Why video? And, how much?

Like it or not, your potential and existing customers, employees, leadership team and influencers are becoming increasingly more dependent on video as their main communication tool for just about all information they ingest personally and professionally. In a media saturated world, you have to keep up, or your messages will be lost in the noise. Each year video grows as the number one resource for consumers when researching a topic, product or service. That’s an expectation that does not turn off when we’re at work.

Video is the new document.

Video, when done right, allows your messaging to connect with its audience in a way that resonates. It tells a story with images, voices and music that leaves an indelible and memorable impression. 

It also, of course, comes at a cost – but how much? That answer helps separate the good from the, well … others in video production. When you align with a true partner there’s really no budget that’s unmanageable. Sometimes extreme acts of creativity need to be deployed to make a project stretch to fit a budget. Your production team should function as an extension of your staff – they’re there for the long haul and should act accordingly. If they don’t, time to look around. We have been a trusted member of our clients’ extended teams for many years. 

So what is the threshold for a budget? That’s part of the magic with having a real partner in a video production company: there really is no floor or ceiling. True partnership means they’ll work with you regardless of budget. They’ll make it work. It’s about the long-term relationship.

What you do need to know is that in video production the word “just” is a four-letter word. There’s no such thing as, “Hey, let’s just shoot our executive.” Or, “We just have a couple locations.”

Your video production vendor – partner – will help guide you on whether you need one camera or two, do you want a green screen, can this project get away with needle-drop music or should it be custom, etc.

We keep our overhead and fixed costs low and pass that savings on to our clients to allow them more options that benefit their overall piece vs. paying for technology they may or may not use. 

Top two most asked questions answered. Do note, I welcome your feedback, and I’m here to help. If there’s a topic you’d like me to cover, let me know. Please note: I always accept the good, bad & ugly as feedback … talk with you next Friday.