Welcome to the Jungle…

A short time ago the Queen of England made the mistake of wearing a monochromatic green suit. In a digital age, that’s the wardrobe equivalent of a wearable green screen. The Internet — being what it is — let loose with their creativity and the social media results were hilarious (at least to us non-royals).

This past spring, Disney released a live-action version of Kipling’s classic tale, The Jungle Book. The film was created using nothing other than green screen — no locations — just a non-descript soundstage and one actor. Other than the lead character — bonus points for those of you who recall “Mowgli” from your childhood — all other visuals were computer-generated and animated with Mowgli being added to the digital scenes via green screen. What does this mean to you and your internal or external communications needs? It means the world … in the sense that the world can come to your production via green screen and you don’t ever have to leave your hometown. 

You don’t need a Disney-sized budget to employ this technology either. Vendors with in-house green screen capabilities (like Full Scale Productions) can net clients serious savings on locations, logistics and overall production. The next time you're considering a video that will require a multi-day shoot spanning various locations keep in mind that a green screen using existing footage of the locations, or even stock footage, could save you thousands. In addition, the technology can also be utilized to put your talent in locations, situations or bring visual consistency that could otherwise be inaccessible or impractical. If you watch any type of news broadcast, you’re watching green screen technology each time they cut to the weather. The possibilities are only limited by you not discussing the option with your video vendor. 

I value your feedback. Do you have any specific issues I have not yet addressed that you’d like me to cover? Let me know. In the mean time, talk to you next Friday.