It’s ALIVE! Tips for a Compelling Video

Form and function are not mutually exclusive concepts if you assemble the right team for your next video production. You can have it all and you can afford it. It simply takes planning, and choosing the right partners. The next time you embark on a video production project, keep the following tips in mind. They just might make the difference between a good video and one that tells a compelling story, loud and clear.

The appropriate layering of voice, music, ambient sound, graphics and — what we’re all after in video — images that convey compelling messages, are all means of bringing life to your productions.

Let’s start with what your audience will hear: voice, music and use of ambient sound. Seek out video production partners that have true “go to” or in-house sources for voiceover and music, and who understand how and when to use ambient sound to its advantage to create a mood. These elements are critical in a successful production. When you’re in the throes of a production these elements can seem like subtle or even esoteric details that don’t really impact your audience. However, If not handled with finesse, or worse yet, not included, your piece will be flat, lacking in emotion and potentially unable to truly reach your audience.

Make sure your team has a strong handle on what you want your final piece to look like before you start scheduling your shoot locations. Collectively you need to decide when graphics versus footage will be the most impactful and how your script will be best supported visually. Again, the use of images and graphics add layers of interest, keeping your story compelling for your viewers.  

When all these elements come together it ensures that your final piece looks, sounds and feels like a reflection of your company and its culture, and conveys the messages you want your audience to receive, loud and clear.

Make your voice heard loud and clear. Do you have any specific issues that you’d like me to address? Let me know. In the mean time, talk to you next Friday.