Makeup and Wardrobe in an HD World

It’s probably a safe bet to assume your leadership team is not thinking about wardrobe or makeup when you book them to be part of your next video production. Someone needs to impress upon them the impact of both. A good video production partner will do just that.

To put anyone, regardless of gender, in front of an HD camera without at least basic foundation and powder is doing them a disservice. Our team prides itself on making our clients feel comfortable behind the scenes and in front of a camera. When it comes to first-timers behind a puff we often equate the use of makeup to that of sunscreen. We ask them, “You’d never spend a day on the beach or on the course without sunscreen – right?” Foundation and powder are serving a similar purpose – protection from HD cameras. Nobody, not a single skin tone, looks alive in HD without the help of makeup. We want the audience for your messages to be focused on exactly that – the messages, not wondering why the person on camera looks anemic, or sweaty or blotchy or you take your pick. Studio or field lights can be hot, people sweat and when that camera light goes on, people sweat. It’s natural; makeup allows this to happen without affecting the impact of the video.

After makeup, wardrobe is deceivingly simple. At least it can be if you follow a few basic rules. Small patterns, herringbone, tiny checks, thin lines buzz the screen, and create what’s called a moiré effect, which you want to avoid at all costs. A buzzed viewer is not an engaged viewer. We counsel your on-camera team to stick to high contrast bold colors, and if patterns are involved in a blouse, dress, or tie, we make sure they are large scale. We also encourage them to “dress the part.” Attire sends a subliminal message, so be conscious of ensuring that what you wear is in sync with the message you are conveying.

Well-applied makeup, the right wardrobe, and the proper lighting can also reduce the “camera adds 10 pounds” effect. Strong, flat light directed straight at a person is a sure-fire way to add this digital poundage. We take great care in the blocking of every shot to avoid this phenomenon.

Does this blog make me look fat? Let me know what you think. Do you have any specific issues that you’d like me to address? In the mean time, talk to you next Friday.