The Soundtrack to your Message

We all have one; a song that serves as a time machine. Every time we hear that song we’re transported back to a very specific moment in our lives. Never underestimate the power of music in your video production. Regardless of whether your audience is internal or external, if you harness the power of a soundtrack, the results can be truly remarkable. 

A great example lies in the story of the founder of iconic American music provider, Muzak. During World War I Major General George O. Squier became the Army’s first Chief Signal Officer. Almost by mistake he legendarily discovered that by providing the Army typing pool with fast-paced music they collectively became more productive. Still think music is just for background ambiance? Then, when radio was still in its infancy, he perfected a method for transmitting music across electrical wires – thus giving birth to the company, Muzak. This advancement allowed music to be sent to businesses and residences. Fast forward to when the first skyscrapers created the need for elevators. As you can imagine, workers in these innovative buildings weren’t totally sold on this idea of getting into a tiny metal box and being pulled up a very tall shaft at high speeds. By piping music into the elevators, building owners calmed the nerves of their tenants. 

The Full Scale team knows how valuable music and sound is to your production, and how to integrate this craftwork into the video workflow. We continually integrate the musical abilities and audio expertise of Joe Miller, through Sounds Like Joe LLC and Tune Dogs LLC, to our client’s benefit. This partnership is proven. What benefits can an expert in music and sound bring your production? What qualifications do you want to see from your vendor? 

Our partnership brings years of professional work history; performing in front of thousands and to global audiences, producing original music for national television advertising for major brands, scoring award winning feature films, mixing cable television shows, and negotiating complex licensing agreements. When we needed to assist John Legend for a performance in NC, we brought Joe onto the production. When it’s time to score a feature documentary, we have the ability to scale up to meet that need. We leverage a complete professional studio ready to handle any project; from music production to voice-over and ADR to Foley and complex synthesis. 

When you need to take your audience to the next level of immersive experience through video, remember the impact of music and sound. 

Tell me your favorite time machine tune and where it transports you. Mine is nearly any song from the “Classic Rock” era. Play some Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young or Santana or Allman Brothers or Bowie to the Beatles to B.B. King, but being a Jersey guy, you can spin a little Bruce and I’m all in … and immediately brought back to my high school years.

Let me know if you have any specific issues that you’d like me to address. In the mean time, I’ll be back next Friday with more sound advice.