Great Expectations Require Good Planning

Expecting the unexpected is a given in any video production process. What separates the great production teams from the ... well ... others is the ability to maintain an open dialogue with their clients so that when the unexpected does, inevitably, occur, they can react quickly, offer a solution and keep the production on track. The foundation necessary to anticipate unforeseen issues is, quite simply, good planning.

The next time you choose a production partner be sure to get a sense of what formalized systems they have in place to track a project from pre-production to the final cut. Those who lack a formal method of blocking out milestones and tracking a process are a potential liability to your ability to meet a deadline and stay on budget. Our team lays out contingency plans as part of every project we take on. Rain can shut down a day of external shooting. An executive’s schedule is fluid. A new product can be delayed in transport from the manufacturing facility to the shoot location. All these scenarios have the potential to delay a production and delays usually equate to missed final delivery deadlines and cost over-runs.

However, good planners build-in contingencies to make sure that when those unexpected events occur, the other tasks necessary to meet the original deadline can quickly be inserted into the newly opened time slot. Graphics can be sent for approval. Music tracks can be sampled. Interior shots can stand in for a shoot day that was meant to be spent outside.

Of the many unpredictable variables involved in a video production, one thing remains certain, if you expect the unexpected you can plan on your project remaining on track, on time and on budget.

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