The Final of Our Top Five - Outline It…

We’ve come to the final nugget in our top five tips on how to look like a pro on camera. Over the past four Fridays, we’ve covered: a conversational bridge, flags, body language, sound bites and today, the outline.

To begin, let’s map out the framework of a good outline. It consists of:


  • Introduction
  • Main points – Sound like an opportunity to use a flag? You’re spot on.
  • Transitions – Remember those bridges? This is where they come into play.
  • Conclusion(s) – Distill them into sound bites.

When our team works with on-camera subject matter experts we counsel them on starting with a good outline. We’ve learned time and again that a good on-camera delivery starts with a solid outline. Regardless of whether we’re writing a full script, or guiding the discussion with talking points: formulating a solid outline is key. With this foundation, the messages that need to be conveyed on camera are not only heard loud and clear, but the supporting facts and figures germane to the subject are sure to be covered. The process of creating the structure of an outline is also an opportunity for our team to probe into what’s really important in the messaging. We work closely with our clients to get to the core of the “who, what, where, when, why and how” of each production. An outline breaks down key elements and sorts them out for all involved.

Clearly clarifying your value proposition is truly the start and the finish line for the use of all of the top five tips we’ve been dispensing for the past few weeks.

Talk to you next week. If you have any specific issues that you’d like me to address all you have to do is ask. Or, maybe send me an outline of what you’d like me to tackle.