For the Love of… Good Communications

It’s here… again. We’re in the final countdown to Valentine’s Day weekend. If you have not made your plans yet you’d best get on it. Restaurants, florists and even old school card shops will be swamped. In the mean time, let’s use this ancient holiday to illustrate a much proven, and might we even say, “beloved” corporate communications tactic — video.

Do your employees love to work for your company? Do they truly feel connected?

We have clients who regularly schedule shoots with their executive leadership team. Some stream it live and use this update as a virtual “town hall” and gather their workforce to view it live. Other companies post the video on their intranet for on demand viewing. Either way, the result is the same — a feeling of working on the team, not for the team. That might sound like subtle semantics but it makes a significant difference in a corporate culture.

Another way many of our clients use video as an inclusion tool is by telling employee stories. We highlight specific employees with a video vignette. More about that next week.

Let’s get to the essence of your company and use video to show its true heart and soul. Let us know how we can help. In the mean time, tell us your favorite Valentine’s Day tradition. We love to hear your stories.