Let’s Throw Back to Move Forward

Just like anything posted… ever… since the inception of the internet, good video projects seem to never die. As you know, any type of information posted online is truly indelible. Even when you think something has been “deleted,” the footprint left behind is easily followed back to the original post. Good corporate video production has a similar, seemingly endless shelf life when savvy communicators truly understand its impact and potential for multiple uses. Can you say, budget amortization.

Our team realized long ago that the footage captured to create our projects never dies. With the help of our insight and guidance, our clients realize that an investment in a corporate video projects is not a one-time, single-use endeavor. It can, in fact, reap on-going returns. We’re often asked to refresh pieces that were shot years ago, and recut the footage as an update for use in an all-employee communication, or trade show piece. Or, we’ll pull a sound bite that was shot in one context and use it for a new piece. B-roll is also an endless mine of rich potential. One shoot to gather exteriors, interiors, manufacturing footage and/or sound bites of executives seems to have endless uses. Once the footage is cataloged and easily searched it becomes a “go to” resource for new projects. Once we’ve shot something we never forget it and make sure you don’t either.

Recently we recut a piece we shot for a client two years ago. They liked the original so much they wanted to post it again. So, we refreshed it by removing all time references, added a few new graphics, and voila – new piece with a minimal investment that extended the return on a budget line item from two years ago. For our team that’s not unusual. Let’s make it the norm for yours too.

Give some thought to what you might already have on file that can be repurposed and reused. In the mean time, we’ll be on the look out for more ways to extend your annual budget. Talk to you next week.