What’s In It For Me? #3 of the Top 5 Reasons Why Video Works

Lately we’ve been discussing the “top five reasons video works.” We’re now at number three, which boils down to “relatability.” It’s also sometimes referred to as the classic “WIIFM” or “What’s In It For Me?” reaction to information.

When done right, a key message delivered in first-person, using video as the medium can quickly establish the critical element for viewer engagement, and an answer to, “What’s in it for me?” It’s all about setting the right tone and tenor for a brand, company, and/or organization. Time and again, video is the proven “go to” communications tool to get this done right.

Think of it this way, your audience (regardless of the demographic you’re trying to reach) has established their own “trusted sources” for information as professionals, as well as in their daily lives as consumers of news. In a digital age these sources are no longer print-based; they’re utilizing all the assets of video – sound, intonation, and supporting images and graphics, to establish credibility and the critical element of relatability. And therefore, the messages are getting through to to their audiences.

So, the next time you have a message that needs to reach across your enterprise, remember to make the best use of your communications dollars and turn to a tactic with a time-tested ROI. Talk to you next week. In the mean time, be mindful of the sources you trust for your news and it will no doubt remind you of the power of video.