What do Dogs with Vlogs Have to do With Your Communications Goals?


Whether you like it or not, at this very moment a certain percentage of your workforce is most likely online watching a vlog of some sort. It may or may not be work-related. In fact, it may even be a dog’s vlog. (Seriously, just do one quick YouTube search on “dog vlog” and see how many come up.) Why not turn that habit into an opportunity to deliver one your key messages “first hand” via an executive from your leadership team? The more your employee base or key external audiences see and hear from your leadership team, the more relatable the messages and the individuals become. What’s stopping you? Your audience is already there.

If you think you and your team lack the time and/or budget to create, script, produce and post a vlog at regular intervals we can help. Our team can work with your in-house subject matter experts to craft key messages, script and prep your executives, create an editorial calendar for the vlogs, pace them at an appropriate rate to post and then post and provide you with the metrics on who’s viewing them and how often.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not, and if you’re not leveraging regularly-scheduled video messaging, and in this case, in the form of a vlog, you’re truly leaving a gap in your overall integrated marketing communication plans regardless of whether it’s an internal or external audience your team is tasked with reaching and influencing.

Also, if a four-legged creature is part of your family, next time you find yourself on YouTube make sure he’s not vlogging without you knowing about it. Or, better yet, set up your furry friend with his own. In the mean time just reach out to us if you’d like to talk vlogs.