The Power of a Story… #1 of the Top 5 Reasons Why Video Works

We’ve arrived at number one of our “top five reasons video works” — storytelling. It’s why video works as a communications tool unlike any other. It allows for anecdotal and conversational messaging — the kind that resonates like no other.

Video is the perfect medium to tell stories or use analogies to emphasize your messaging and allow it to be truly heard. Covering a speaker with support video — or B-roll — that illustrates the topic, shows a brand, and provides for visual learning strategies is a powerful and proven tool.

If you think storytelling has no application in a corporate environment consider Apple’s Super Bowl ad “1984” from… well… 1984. It’s still one of the most talked about, studied, and dissected pieces of corporate messaging that heralded the dawn of the digital age. And, guess what? Besides being shown only once, it told a story: visually, audibly, and emotionally.  There’s a reason we can still conjure up the images of the runner with the giant sledgehammer.

When a message is paired with compelling images, a strong storyline, and specific context to make it relatable it’s truly powerful. When you think of that Apple spot, do you remember the soldiers running, people sitting, the woman in running shorts throwing a sledgehammer, the giant screen shattering?! Maybe you even remember the product being advertised: the first Macintosh.

Whichever it is, next time you’re faced with reaching out across your key audiences, make sure video is in your mix of tactics and use that power to delivery your messaging.