Slate the New Year with Video: 8 Reasons Why


To use a trite phrase, video usage in the corporate world is at the “tipping point.” Video is now being commonly used within enterprise-sized companies for everything from training to leadership to live streaming. In 2018, we will most likely see video as the primary communication tool within Fortune 500 companies. Many medium and smaller-sized companies will probably follow suit.

External comms has already seen exponential video growth in talent acquisition vignettes, executive messaging, and, of course, marketing.

The reasons for this video explosion in diverse fields as aerospace, grocery, manufacturing, medical, utilities, and specialty chemicals, is multi-fold:

  1. Millennials entering the workforce
  2. More prevalent high-speed internet access
  3. Quicker way to disseminate info
  4. “Sexier” & more engaging than print
  5. Visually-relatable
  6. Easier accessibility through technology, which translates into our business lives
  7. Broader creative expression through virtual and augmented reality
  8. Environmentally-friendly (paperless)

As we transition into the new year, consider how video can positively impact your company's communications.

Talk to you next time … Happy 2018!