Stage One: Inception Perception


Whether you’re creating an internal video for a client, or making a film for an audience, you’ll need to consider the three main stages of production: pre-production, production, and post production.

This week’s blog post will focus on pre-production, including its various aspects, and its importance in setting you up for a successful shoot and ease in the edit room. Proper planning and consistent communication between clients and production companies is vital to making sure you achieve your initial expectations.

The inception of a project typically involves a kick-off conference call or meeting between client and vendor, in which you determine the overall scope, which includes specific goals, deliverables, and most importantly, budget.

Once those elements are discussed and agreed upon, the creative and project management aspects of pre-pro take effect. Those involve script writing, storyboarding/ shot breakdown, location scouting, crew sourcing, and production schedule. Many projects, but not all, will also include professional narration or voice-over (VO).

Now the fun begins!

You’ll need a deep brief from your client to fully understand the project and their expectations. That’s the only way to provide a great script and/ or storyboard. That will drive your graphics design, shoot, music — basically, the look-and-feel of the piece, and eventually your post production.

Establishing clear communication from the beginning, staying organized, focusing on project scope, and setting/ resetting expectations are the bedrock to successful creative and budget outcomes.