It’s LIVE!

Fire Hose

Live streaming has been around since the late 90s. At the onset, penetration was limited, and adoption was slow. Reliability remained an ongoing issue with infamous examples, like the spectacular server crashes from Yahoo’s Victoria’s Secret show. For those of you who don’t remember, millions of people hit Yahoo’s servers at the launch of the show and their servers went down. Who knew that event would be so, well, eventful!

However, recently, the long tail of live streaming platforms and user adoption have come to a head and now live streaming has become the go-to video deployment solution. No longer do we just see large tech announcements, sporting events, or big Hollywood awards shows, like the Oscars providing live streaming viewing. Recently, with platforms like Twitch (YouTube) and Periscope (Twitter), there are huge audiences for enterprise-sized companies all the way down to small organizations, and even individuals, to live stream with their constituents.

The availability of so much content delivered by live streaming platforms has normalized the paradigm, and is leading to the growing expectation of it even in our business. Many of our clients are now looking at live streaming as another arrow in their quiver of communication.

In our case, we provide the thought leadership and infrastructure around successful and budget-friendly live streaming solutions. We see this trend only growing with companies all around the Intertubes.