Stage Three: Edit, Don't Sweat It!

This is part three of our blog series explaining the main stages of how to design, develop, and deliver successful videos. Over the past couple weeks, we have delved into the primary components that make up video production. So far, we’ve covered pre-production and production.

Today’s installment centers on post-production.

Post-production is the final step in creating a video masterpiece, which ties pre-pro and production together into a coherent story. Following suggestions in the previous two blogs sets you up for this stage to go smoothly.

A solid producer is perhaps most valuable during post (ask any editor). They need to determine how they want to form and frame the story, so that it clearly conveys the client’s message. Weaving together sound bites taken from interviews that flow and move the story along, while also evoking some kind of emotion, and telling the client’s story, is the goal.

The edit is where a project finally comes to fruition. The editor is the last in the line of creatives who is responsible for crafting the piece. Here, details of a story can be crafted and honed into the client’s vision. It’s often said, that the story is found in the edit. This isn’t to say, that decisions made during pre-pro and production don’t lead to the final story, but rather, it illustrates how a story can be molded into its final form through the editing process.

As always, organization is key to accomplishing a high quality final product. Good labeling and well-crafted workflows allow editors to quickly drop in alternative shots, re-organize soundbites, as well as keep track of revisions.

Typically, while the edit is progressing, on-screen graphics and motion graphics are added in parallel. During the script writing and storyboard phases, the ideas about how to use graphics as a communication tool and enhancement are discussed. They are then executed here. Well thought out graphics are always the hallmark of good pre-pro, and a talented post-production team.

Just like with graphics, the decisions made during pre-pro about music, the tone and feeling that needs to be conveyed, are executed in post. Music can sometimes be as simple as dropping in a stock track, or as complex as embedding a custom written score. Audio in music is often referred as 50% of a video, so it shouldn’t be considered an afterthought.

The post-production stage of video production is where everything you and your client have been working towards, comes to a head, and the overall vision is achieved. Whether you’re creating a corporate video, commercial, film, or otherwise, solid pre-production, production, and post-production are the foundation for effective, authentic storytelling.