Slate the New Year with Video: 8 Reasons Why


To use a trite phrase, video usage in the corporate world is at the “tipping point.” Video is now being commonly used within enterprise-sized companies for everything from training to leadership to live streaming. In 2018, we will most likely see video as the primary communication tool within Fortune 500 companies. Many medium and smaller-sized companies will probably follow suit.

External comms has already seen exponential video growth in talent acquisition vignettes, executive messaging, and, of course, marketing.

The reasons for this video explosion in diverse fields as aerospace, grocery, manufacturing, medical, utilities, and specialty chemicals, is multi-fold:

  1. Millennials entering the workforce
  2. More prevalent high-speed internet access
  3. Quicker way to disseminate info
  4. “Sexier” & more engaging than print
  5. Visually-relatable
  6. Easier accessibility through technology, which translates into our business lives
  7. Broader creative expression through virtual and augmented reality
  8. Environmentally-friendly (paperless)

As we transition into the new year, consider how video can positively impact your company's communications.

Talk to you next time … Happy 2018!

Top Reasons We’re Excited About 2018

FSP Crew - JWV Premiere.jpg

Our blog – as most – discusses industry issues and brings to the forefront topics that are of interest to a broad community of marketing & communications folks. Of course, since our bread-and-butter is corporate video production, that is our main focus. However, since this is our final blog of the year, we are going to take a look back … and forward.

It has been quite a year.

On a high level, we continue to deliver best-in-class videos in record time to our clients’ delight; our client partners humble us with their confidence by asking us to support everything from TV & Web commercials, to multi-cam live events, to training, to trade shows, to talent recruitment, to video vignette storytelling projects; we continue to grow our relationship with Fortune 500, 100 & 50 companies, as well as medium and small companies here in Charlotte and around the country.


  • Premiered of our first feature-length documentary, Jewish American Soldiers: Stories from WWII, to sold out crowds – we’re looking forward to its broadcast & cable premieres in 2018
  • Awarded two Telly Awards for pieces we produced for Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated & Sealed Air
  • Grew our 4K production & post production capabilities
  • Hired production assistant, Taylor Montalto


We continue to look for innovative technologies, processes, and methods to support our client partners. That is our #1 focus. Delivering on our promise of telling their complex and simple stories in a way that is educational, engaging, and entertaining.

We have had a rewarding, busy, and satisfying year. We hope you have too. If you are already a partner, we deeply appreciate your business and never take it for granted; if you are not, we look forward to hearing from you to discuss any and all of your video production communications.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Full Scale Productions. We look forward to an even better 2018.

Talk to you again next year!