Planting a Proverbial Seed on Arbor Day

In 1872 our country celebrated its first Arbor Day on this very day. In Nebraska, it’s estimated that more than one million trees were added to that single state’s landscape that day. With the end of the month upon us, and both Earth Day and Arbor Day occurring in April, we thought we’d take a moment to plant our own proverbial seed. When you think about it, planting a tree, or honoring mother earth by being better stewards of our environment, are both ways of investing in our future. A commitment to communicating with your employees, key stakeholders, and communities accomplishes a similar goal.

If your organization is committed to fostering an open dialogue with its key stakeholders, video tactics are one way of reinforcing that cultural commitment. There’s a reason the old adage, “actions speak louder than words” still resonates today. So, keep this in mind, leveraging video as a tool builds upon a cultural foundation. Not communicating regularly with your key stakeholders is also sending a strong message. Is it one you want to send?

Consider investing in your collective future. Communications you send now are planting that seed for future situations both good and bad. When you’re ready to leverage video to help achieve your communications goals let’s talk.

In the mean time, take a moment and take some action – be it grand or simple – to plant a seed. Talk to you next week.