… Money, Money, Money… Money! #4 of the Top 5 Reasons Why Video Works

Lately we’ve been discussing the Top Five Reasons Video Works — and we’re now at number four. We’ve been delving deeper into each aspect so that you get a better understanding of the return on your video dollars, and we’re helping you sort out what makes sense. It turns out that today’s topic is just that — dollars and good sense.

Corporate video production is an industry built upon a foundation of a proven, time-tested tactic. That’s no small feat in a digital age. It’s also one of the few tactics that has yet to be eclipsed by a disruptive technology. Granted, the device upon which you and your customers are watching a video has changed significantly over the years, as has the technology used to produce it. However, one thing remains constant: video is a proven return on investment of your communications dollars.

It’s simply common sense that in order for a message to resonate it must be heard, and it must be put into a meaningful context. A well-produced video created by a trusted, efficient, and experienced source does just that, and more. It’s a return on investment unlike any other in your integrated marketing communications plan. We’ve heard time and time again from our clients both big and small that deadlines, budgets, and headcount are all being compressed exponentially, but they report that video continues to be one of the few tactics they consistently count on for results.

So, next time you have a message that needs to reach across your enterprise remember to make sense of your communications dollars and turn to a tactic with a time-tested ROI.

‘Tis The Season — of Budgeting

It’s baaaack… love it or hate it, the end of a calendar year brings many reasons to celebrate. It also brings about the annual exercise of budgeting. Good thing we’re carb loading. Plus, this year we’re here to help with a bit of all the give and take, and line item justification that often goes along with the budgeting process. 

If your company already has a solid foundation of use of corporate video production as a method to reach key audiences you’ll still need to have a few “why?” statements in your budget when you include a line item. Or, if you’ve been meaning to leverage video production, but never seem to be able to find the time or budget each year, the same “why/how?” questions apply. Here are key messages that support video production’s return on investment to attach to the line item to include in your budget.

2016 surprised us all with an unprecedented number of severe weather events across the country. From Hurricanes Hermine to Matthew, massive floods in Louisiana, and wild fires in California, Mother Nature is the one unpredictable force that can impact your workforce, customers, and stakeholders in the blink of an eye. Savvy marketers plan and budget for the unpredictable, and are then able to leverage the unexpected. Including a line item in the 2017 budget for video production allows your team to quickly react not only to predicable events that will require messages to be disseminated consistently, and effectively to many key audiences simultaneously, but can also be used for predictable milestones already slotted in a new year. From major trade shows, to new product introductions, and key growth milestones, video production, now more than ever, is a proven return on a communications investment. Even if you simply slot production dollars to cover B-roll collection you’re on your way to having footage you can use for a variety of tactics – from PR, to crisis communications, to customer-facing web and direct e-mail tools. Let 2017 be the year you fully leverage video production for your team. If you don’t assign it a place in your budget, and an event unfolds, you can’t truly leverage it.  

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving. We’ll talk to you after the holiday. In the meantime, once you’re out of your tryptophan-induced food coma, if you have any specific issues that you’d like me to address as we approach a new year, just ask.