Bringing Lean Processes to Video Production

Continuous Improvement (CI), Six Sigma, Black Belt Certification – these terms have all become part of business vocabulary. Full Scale Productions’ many clients employ those lean processes. In fact, those and other tools have been the foundation for a way of doing business for decades.

FSP has learned and implemented many of those lean practices in our work as a way to systematically eliminate waste in our business.  In video production “waste” translates into any activity that’s not adding value, and therefore adding time, and more importantly, cost, to a project.

Many people think you “just” point a camera and a video comes out the other end, when, in fact, there is no such word as “just” in video production. There are many complex steps to producing a high quality video that results in correctly targeting the intended audience. Every project we take on – big or small – goes through a formal method for reducing waste.

Our team is trained to approach each project by mapping out key milestones that need to be accomplished in order to meet a deadline on time, on budget with the smoothest workflow. Each step that needs to be accomplished in order to meet milestones is tagged with a date and becomes the framework for our process map. The same method applies whether we have 48 hours or 48 days to produce a video.

We’re a “Lean Team” and that means our clients reap the benefits.

Talk to you next week. If you have any specific issues that you’d like me to address just ask.