Your Mission Statement Brought to Life

Regardless of whether your organization spans states, continents, or just your town, chances are the foundation of the company is built upon a mission statement. Your employees are now accustomed to being immersed with information in visual form. Like it or not, for a message to truly resonate it simply must now be delivered either with compelling images or better yet, as a brief video.

Leverage your mission statement to serve as the catalyst for a video. Let us capture your leadership team brining the statement to life. Or, parse the statement and have your employees talk about what it means to them. That’s how true engagement happens.

The final piece can be used in a variety of settings beyond the walls of your enterprise. With simple edits it can be used at trade shows, on your website, in social media, and with local community and recruitment outreaches.

Let us know how we can help. In the mean time, here’s our mission statement. It breaks down into three key attributes that translate into action items. We are:

  1. Vigilantly client-focused
  2. Purveyors of high quality deliverables
  3. Committed to timeliness and budget

We’ll get more into how we bring these three attributes to life next month.

YouTube — it’s not Just for Animal Antics Anymore

According to YouTube, they receive more than 100 hours of new video content every hour. Think about that. In the span of one typical workday, more than 1,000 hours of new, potentially distracting, motivating and/or influential content is uploaded to an undeniably powerful communications force in today’s video-saturated world along with one Billion unique monthly users. Vimeo, by contrast, which most professionals consider the “corporate” alternative to YouTube, currently boasts about 45 million users. It all adds up to the fact that if you’re not fully leveraging video as a communications tactic you’re at risk of losing your audience to others who are doing just that.

So what does all this mean to you specifically, and to your company’s communications objectives? Let’s use aerospace components supplier AGC AeroComposites as an example. When growth in their industry warranted a rebranding effort to better reflect their core competencies they turned to our team. We filmed their president delivering the “five Ws.” The who, what, where, when, and why of the changes to be rolled out across the enterprise. We then created a Vimeo channel for the company so that the video was easily accessible on demand. Watch it here

Whether you have existing video or new projects that need to be created, talk to your production team about also establishing a YouTube or Vimeo channel for your final pieces. It’s one more way to extend your return on investment.

Let us know how we can help, and in the mean time spend a few minutes (or hours) looking around on YouTube and Vimeo, you might just be surprised at what you find. Talk to you next week.