The Art of Commerce with a Heart

As we all know, Valentine’s Day just passed. Hopefully, you had a great dinner reservation or an even better plan B. In either case, this week we’d like to discuss translating the spirit of letting people know how you feel about them in a corporate environment.

Just a few weeks ago we talked about shining a light on your employees’ philanthropic efforts. This week, we’re going to inspire you (hopefully) to publicly recognize those who excel at what they’re paid to do for your team. After all, there can be an art and a heart to commerce – when done right.

A great local example is Food Lion headquartered in Salisbury. Our team produced a series of video vignettes telling the stories of store managers recognized for being shining examples of the company’s leadership. Each of those employees was featured with a brief storyline on what they do that goes above and beyond what’s expected. Our team filmed each division winner’s story in his or her home store and the result was a series of positive, inspiring videos used for a variety of purposes internally and externally. It boosted overall moral, and served as a benchmark for the type of leadership expected in the organization.

You know you have employees who deserve that type of recognition. How can we help spread the word? Make 2017 the year you leverage video to recognize your rock star employees and allow them to set the tone for true leadership across your workforce. Let us know how we can help, and in the mean time take time this weekend to tell those closest to you how you really feel. Talk to you next week.