How The Story Ends Is Up To You …

An impressive-looking, red carpet worthy video and an effective one can be mutually exclusive, but not for our clients. I often find myself providing counsel early in discussions with clients about the need for storytelling. If a message is going to hit its target, it must first and foremost be compelling and delivered in such a way that it resonates with its audience. No amount of custom graphics, soundtrack or voiceover talent can make up for ineffective content. Just as in real estate the mantra is, “location, location, location.” When working with a video production company your mantra needs to be, “storyline, storyline, storyline.” (repeat).

In order to soundly place your message, keep the following questions in mind at the beginning of the video production process:

1.    What do I want the audience to hear? Keep it simple, drill down to the most salient facts.

2.    What do I want them to feel? Regardless of the demographic you are intending to influence, at the end of the day, action requires connection.

3.    What do I want them to do with the information? Be specific, use a call to action, if appropriate. 

Once you’ve answered these three questions with your production company, you’re well on your way to producing a successful video. And, by the way, this goes for internal or external video communications. 

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