A Valuable Lesson Learned from the King

Pink Cadillac

To borrow a lyric from Elvis, “… stop, look and listen.” That was his philosophy in a certain earwig of a tune. It applies well to the way our team approaches each and every project. Listening – it seems like something that really should be a simple common courtesy – should not be worthy of discussing. Sadly, input we gather from our clients indicates that to do it well is the exception rather than the rule when it comes to their vendors – particularly the ones that specialize in communications. However, that same group of clients consistently points out our listening, relating and “translation” prowess. By translation, I mean the ability of our team to take their ideas, objectives and intent and translate those into meaningful storylines that resonate with their audiences.

The translation of tactical to practical requires effective, two-way communication in the pre-production phase of a project. Our team prides itself on sifting through the jargon, corporate-speak and sometimes politics, to get to the real message that needs to be delivered and then translating that message into words, images and calls to action that tell a meaningful story, and in the end can change an opinion or behavior.

 So, next time you’re kicking off a communications initiative consider the power of being a good listener, and be sure your team consists of others who understand how to listen and how to translate – then you’re well on your way from getting tactical to practical.

 Your feedback is always welcome. Am I covering topics of interest to you? Do you have any specific issues that you’d like me to address? Let me know. In the mean time, talk to you next Friday. (And my apology if Rubberneckin’ is now the earwig of the day.)