Shining a Light on Good Deeds

You might have seen this stat online or in one of our tweets last week, but we thought it was so impressive that we’d devote our Full Scale Fridays blog to the subject.

According to Cisco, video will account for 79% of global web traffic by 2020. That’s a mere three budget seasons away. You might not realize it, but you have stories to share, and it’s time to share them in a way that creates true engagement. Regardless of whether you have 10 employees, 10,000 or 100,000+ your people are out there doing good and giving back to the communities in which they live and work. Share that goodwill and extend its reach.

Corporate social responsibility is part of the cultural fabric of the majority of the companies with whom we work. It’s not just an annual reporting requirement, but a genuine commitment to making their communities just that — true communities — and therefore, better places for everyone. 

Make 2017 the year you thank those among your workforce that are truly making a difference. Leverage video to shine a light on the work they do whether it’s on the job, or on their own time. In a social media environment, the impact of sharing “good news” stories is more powerful than ever before and, according to Cisco, growing substantially every year.

One of our favorite good news stories we’ve produced involved one of Coca Cola’s largest independent distributors, Coca Cola Bottling Company Consolidated. We covered employees’ reaction to historic floods that hit Nashville and debilitated not only one of the company’s facilities, but the community that makes the work they do there possible. Visit if you’d like to see the final piece. It’ll inspire you to look for ways to help out in your own hometown in good times and bad.

Talk to you next Friday. In the mean time, find a way to do good today. One small act of kindness and selflessness each day has a huge cumulative effect. And, once you’ve made it a habit, feel free to share what you’ve done! We love to hear good news stories.