No Such Thing as “Basic Training” in Video

FSP Video Boot Camp

In a media-saturated world, a viewer’s expectation for a return on the time invested in watching any type of video is increasing exponentially. When it comes to harnessing the power of video for training internal or external audiences there has never been more at stake than now. The messages your team needs to impart, and the knowledge that needs to be absorbed, simply must be compelling to your audience within the first 30 seconds, or you’ve lost them. With that in mind, be sure your communications and video production partners take the right approach to your next training piece.

For our clients we take a bit of a “boot camp” approach to training videos – and really all our video communication. We start with the basics. We carve out pre-preproduction time to ensure we all have an agreement on the baseline understanding of our audience. That’s the only way we can tailor our training, be it in the form of a video, webcast or webinar.

You won’t be successful if you go into your video project without truly understanding and evaluating the needs and expectations of your audience.

Now more than ever your training dollars need to provide you a return on your investment and your audience needs to feel that their time was also well invested. These are not mutually exclusive endeavors with the right team in place.

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