Glenn Fishkin, Founder/ President

As the founder of Full Scale Productions, Glenn has been on the cutting edge of new media throughout his 30 + year career. He has been an architect of the development of many successful start-up businesses.

His career in television began at CNN headquarters in Atlanta, during the iconic news station’s infancy. Glenn rose through the ranks from Writer to Producer to Executive Producer, earning a reputation as an effective communicator along the way.

In 1986, Glenn’s insight and programming acumen were recognized further. He was offered a pivotal role in launching the country’s first 24-hour regional news channel, News 12 Long Island. As a Senior Executive Producer Glenn brought franchises, branding and cross-promotional innovations to the market. Under his tenure News 12 evolved into a recognizable force, winning many awards, including an EMMY.

In the 1990s Glenn served as the first Senior Producer/Managing Editor of NBC’s overnight newscast, “Nightside.” He was also the first Senior Producer of Specials for MSNBC. In that role, he traveled the world producing and managing historical events as they unfolded. Stories included: Princess Diana’s funeral, Mother Teresa’s funeral, Democratic and Republican National Conventions, Presidential candidate debates, Pope John Paul II’s visit to Cuba and space shuttle launches.  

Glenn then made a successful transition from TV news to webcasting with MindBlazer, Inc. of Charlotte. Glenn managed MindBlazer’s largest client, KPMG Consulting, producing a first-of-its-kind webcast series on wireless technology. He was also Executive Producer and Senior Project Manager for clients such as: American Express, Intel, Compaq, Yahoo!, Cisco and Deutsche Bank.

In 2002, Glenn fulfilled a life-long dream and launched Full Scale Productions, Inc., combining his TV news and corporate storytelling experience. 

Glenn continues to explore new storytelling techniques. He pushes his team to find unique communications solutions blending social media and production techniques to provide distinct messages that resonate.

Karl Wagner.jpg

Karl Wagner, Operations Director & Senior Editor

Karl began his career as an entrepreneur. He started a design boutique that specialized in motion design and 3D rendering. Karl’s immersion in computer graphics paired with his passion for cameras led him into production. Today Karl focuses on production and post-production quality and processes. He also leads our team’s on-going technology enhancements.

Mason Sklut.jpg

Mason Sklut, Editor & Camera Operator

Mason is an award winning filmmaker. He’s a recent graduate of Elon University, where he studied film, video and digital media. His expertise spans all aspects of production. He is a valuable asset in project planning and workflow. Mason brings intelligence, tremendous enthusiasm and a customer-centric focus to our team.